Learn the Benefits of Water Heater Installation in Columbus

Water heater installation in Columbus allows you to install new and improved state-of-the-art water heating systems including tankless water heating systems as well as energy saving heat pump water heaters. Many homes and businesses have water heaters that have become too old or have a low water capacity leaving you with a cold shower. Some people suffer for years with faulty water heaters that are in constant need of repair. Installing a new water heater can improve the functionality of your home or business with a constant steady supply of heated water. 

How water heater services in Columbus can save you money 

Modern water heater services have massive power saving advantages that will save you money. Water heater services in Columbus have smart technology and abilities that will not only save you your hard earned cash but will also help the environment. Water heaters come in varying sizes, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs the best. Whether you have a big family or run a busy salon, getting a water heater that will save you money is always a plus. 

Tankless Water Heaters

Using only ⅓ the amount of power compared to a standard water heater, tankless water heaters effectively pays for itself. Tankless water heaters run on a heat pump. This pump continuously maintains the heat and energy already within the system, transferring heat rather than draining your energy supply. Tankless water heaters optimize on saving energy by ensuring that no energy is wasted while on standby mode. In addition, tankless water heaters are compact, easy to install and maintain. These water heaters are aesthetically pleasing and blend into the home or business environment with ease. 

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters contribute to sustainable living and will cut approximately 30% of your power bill if used correctly. These water heaters use natural gases or propane to heat your water, saving you on your power bill. Suitable for both home and business use, gas water heaters have become one of the most popular water heating solutions in Ohio. Gas water heaters are highly efficient due to the fact that they are well insulated so that heat is maintained within the chamber. Gas water heaters also have the added advantage of being durable, increasing it’s lifespan by decades. 

Choose Ohio Water Heaters for all your water heating solutions at one stop. 

Ohio Water Heaters are proud to have been serving the community of Ohio since 1970. Their humble beginnings together with quality workmanship and reputation for service excellence have allowed them to become one of the most reputable providers of water heating services in Columbus. Interested in upgrading your water heater? Get in touch with a water heating company you can trust. Simply call Ohio Water Heaters  on 614-881-5794‬ and they will provide you with an obligation free quote today.

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