Tankless Water Heater Installation in Columbus

Is your tankless water heater leaking? Taking care of your tankless system is really pretty simple. At Ohio Water Heaters, we assist you with tankless water heater installation in Columbus, OH. We offer repair, service, and maintenance to help you keep your system running at optimal performance.

Tankless systems Need Care, too

Most people think that tankless water heaters require very little care, and they would be correct if you were talking about a standard “tank” style unit. But many people have discovered how convenient a tankless system can be in their Columbus home. Nothing is worse than getting out of the shower and realizing you have no hot water left. With tankless, this problem is eliminated. You can take as long a shower as you want!

However, what most people don’t realize about their tankless units is that they require some regular maintenance just like all other appliances do. For example, if your system has sediment build-up in it, it will fail. In fact, there is a good chance that you may experience considerable pressure loss and efficiency issues if your sediment problem isn’t treated.

Another common issue we come across with tankless units is high gas flame temperatures (which cause excessive carbon monoxide exhaust). This is often the result of a low water flow rate through the unit. Many times, homeowners will try to compensate for poor flow by opening the hot water faucet all the way. This extra pressure is just enough to cause your system to produce excess carbon monoxide.

The good news is that this problem is very common with tankless systems and it can be resolved quite easily without having to call in a professional like Ohio Water Heaters.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above with your tankless water heater installed in Columbus, OH, call us at 614-881-5650. We’ll help identify and correct any problems you may be having.