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Water heaters are a necessity in any household, but they can also be expensive to replace. This is especially true if you have a newer home with energy-efficient appliances that require more powerful water heaters. Ohio Water Heaters have been providing water heater repair and installation services for over half a century. If your home or business has an older model of water heater, we can help you upgrade it to save on your monthly utility bills. Being the best plumber Columbus, OH, we also sell high-quality new models at affordable prices that will fit into your budget without breaking the bank.

The Water Heater Services We Offer Include:

Installation of New or Replacement Water Heaters: We provide both gas and electric models, so you can choose whichever one is most compatible with your home or business. Our team of professionals is nimble enough to install the unit promptly so you don’t have to wait around for hours until they are finished. Just let us know what day and time range works best for your schedule, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it. Once the job has been completed, our technicians will run through several tests with you to ensure that everything is working correctly before they leave your property. If anything seems off about your system after installation, just give us a call at Ohio Water Heaters and we’ll send the best plumber in Columbus, OH.

Repair Of Existing Water Heaters:

If your unit is struggling to keep up with the demands of your household, we can help you replace it with a newer model. In some cases, our team can also perform repairs on older units as long as they are still in good working condition. All you have to do is let us know what’s wrong with it and we will give you an estimate before we begin any work on site.

Water Heater Maintenance and Cleaning Services:

We offer full water heater maintenance packages that include: draining the tank and flushing sediment, removing mineral buildup and odor from your system, adjusting thermostats and pressure valves, ventilating gas lines for optimal performance, and more. We can also add anti-corrosion protection to your unit to increase its life expectancy and prevent rusting, leaks, and other kinds of damage. Our company continues this tradition with every single job we do for customers in Columbus and Central Ohio area homes and businesses. Don’t hesitate – call us today at 614-881-5794!
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