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Water Heater Services & Repair in Pickerington, OH

In the USA, more than 90% of water heating systems use tanks (with capacities of 30 to 100 gallons). At under $1000 for a fifty-gallon tank, they are relatively affordable to purchase. However, keeping unused water needlessly hot 24/7 through a water heater installation in Pickerington, OH, and surrounding areas pumps up monthly utility costs.

Types of Water Heater Installation

This is where ethical guidance from an experienced licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the years, by lowering the probabilities of hot water heater repair during unit lifetimes. Other than solar power, there are four main types of water heaters:

  • insulated storage tanks holding water heated by either electricity or gas;
  • tankless systems, providing unlimited water on demand, heated by electricity or gas;
  • Hybrid Water Heaters, drawing warmth from the air or ground;
  • condensing water heater, with high energy efficiency.

Budget-Wise Water Heater Services 

Financially-savvy homeowners know that the basic water heater installation cost is only one aspect to consider. Moderate-to-hard water in this region causes fairly heavy lime-scaling that leaves any water tank less efficient towards the end of its lifetime, with gritty, discolored and even smelly outflows.

This is when an ethical local contractor familiar with local conditions – like Ohio Water Heaters – can help homeowners pick the best water heater installation for their families and lifestyles.

Tankless Water Heater Services

Saving space and money, a tankless water heater is inexpensive to purchase and easy to install. Perfect for smaller households or places where hot water is needed only sporadically in larger homes, like laundries and studios, they provide an endless stream of hot water. But expert advice from an experienced contractor like Ohio Water Heaters is needed to avoid under-sizing, as smaller units can handle only one or two points of use simultaneously.

Right-Sizing Tankless Water Heater Installation

Running on electricity or gas-fired, a tankless water heater provides two to five gallons of hot water a minute, with gas-fired flow rates outstripping their electric counterparts.

But if hot water is needed simultaneously by several outlets – like a washing machine running while people are showering – it would be more convenient to opt for a larger tankless water heater. As a guide, here are some typical flow rates for common household appliances:

  • Kitchen tap: 0 GPM – 6.0 GPM
  • Laundry washer: 5 GPM – 3.5 GPM
  • Dishwasher: 5 GPM – 2.5 GPM
  • Showerhead: 5 GPM – 2.0 GPM
  • Bathroom faucet: 5 GPM – 1.0 GPM

Eco-Friendly Hot Water With a Hybrid Water Heater

For even lower monthly utility bills, an energy-efficiency expert from Ohio Water Heaters can explain the advantages of a hybrid water heater, drawing warmth from the air or the ground, instead of generating heat through gas or electricity.

Hybrid Water Heater Services

Drawing warmth from the air or the ground, a hybrid water heater needs no gas or electricity to keep a storage tank full of piping hot water. In fact, when properly installed by a licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters, a hybrid water heater installation, uses less than a third of the electricity required by a regular water heater.

Location is Vital For Hybrid Water Heater Installation 

Usually taller than traditional storage tank water heaters because of the hybrid, a hybrid water heater also needs at least 1,000 cubic feet of air space around the water heater. It must be installed at relatively sheltered locations (like basements) that remain above freezing point all year round.

Decades of Low Utility Bills With A Hybrid Water Heater

The upfront price – ranging from under $1700 to $2900 – is quickly offset through low monthly utility bills. For further savings, any hybrid water heater in Pickerington, OH, and surrounding areas can be programmed to switch off at night and back on again at dawn, before families start to shower. After the morning peak, it can often be switched off again for several hours, when there are no family demands for instant hot water.

Gas Water Heater Services in Pickerington, OH

If you live in an area where natural gas is piped to your home, a natural gas water heater installation is usually the cheapest and most reliable way of providing your family with plenty of hot water. Requiring careful placement and proper venting, a professional gas water heater service, is needed to install these appliances, making sure that they are properly vented, safe and problem-free.

Another energy-efficient option is propane gas. Regular propane deliveries may well be the best gas water heater services for stand-alone points of use like barbecues and workshops, with no need to lay expensive piping.

Benefits of Gas Water Heater Services 

Here are some advantages of gas water heater services that you could explore with an experienced consultant from Ohio Water Heaters:

  • easy to install, and even quicker if natural gas is piped into your home.
  • cheaper to operate than electricity, with propane more expensive than natural gas.
  • recovery is twice as quick as electric models, replenishing hot water supplies rapidly.
  • you never run out of hot water, even during power cuts.

Electric Water Heater Services in Pickerington, OH

For smaller homes without piped gas, an electric water heater tankless in Pickerington, OH is the perfect solution. Providing endless amounts of steaming hot water right at the point of use, efficient electric water heater installation services ensure comfort for families of all sizes, at prices ranging from under $100 to just over $1000.

Easy to mount on a nearby wall and safe to use when installed by an expert technician from an insured, licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters, these compact appliances have a lifespan of up to ten years. They are also budget-friendly, with each shower costing only $0.25.

What Are the Best Electric Water Heater Tankless Services For My Family?

The perfect model depends on individual preferences and lifestyles. However, an electric shower can reduce utility bills, as it uses less energy and less water, heating only the exact amount needed for each type of use, with almost no heat lost in the short length of piping between the burner and the outlet.

As a guide to picking the most suitable electric water heater installation services, here are some approximate water heating costs:

  • shower 12 gallons $0.25
  • hand washing 3 gallons $0.06
  • shaving 2 gallons  $0.04
  • dish washer 6 gallons $0.12
  • clothes washer   20 gallons $0.40

Talk to the Water Heating Experts

For professional advice on water heating installation and repair, contact a certified consultant at Ohio Water Heaters: (614) 327-6971.

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