Water Softening in Westerville, OH, and Nearby Areas Enhance Your Water

Ohio Water Heaters has been known for fast plumbing and water heater solutions since 1993, but we’re also proud to provide water softening in Westerville, OH, and nearby areas. The region is known for having hard water, and this can cause tap water to taste a bit dull. On top of that, hard water contains mineral deposits that may lead to faded clothing after it has been washed and dry skin and hair.

What is Hard Water and How Do Water Softeners Work

Hard water is water that has collected minerals like calcium and magnesium as it flows to your utility provider. In Ohio, we have some of the hardest water in the country, and many of our customers turn to us for water softener installation to reduce the harsh nature of their tap water.

Water softeners are whole-house filtration systems that remove hardness-causing calcium and magnesium minerals from water. This is achieved through a process known as ion exchange, preventing hard water from wreaking havoc.

Benefits of Professional Installation and Replacement Services

Having a professional install your water softener means you can rest easy at night knowing the job was done right. At Ohio Water Heaters, our home water softening solutions come from brands you know and trust like Novo, Halo, and Delta.

Through our water purification services, you’re left with clean-testing water, but soft water also protects your plumbing. Traditional hard water can damage plumbing pipes over time, and this leads to increased repair and replacement costs. With soft water in your home, you can extend the enjoyment of your plumbing system for many years to come.


Water softeners do require maintenance from time to time to operate efficiently. Our experts can provide you with specific information about our various systems based on your needs.

We also offer water treatment services that purify your drinking water, hard or not. We want you to be able to enjoy your home’s plumbing throughout your house. A whole-house water treatment system removes contaminants and is the perfect complement to water softeners.

Only you and your doctor can determine what’s healthy for you, so we can’t claim that soft water is healthier. We can, however, confidently state that our customers often tell us that they love the taste of soft water that has been treated by our name-brand products. Moreover, soft water allows you to save on soap and cleaning materials. There is also less need to clean the shower glass and glassware. Take note that water softening systems from Ohio Water Heaters help remove contaminants, chemicals, and other carcinogenic things. Among these minerals that we can remove are calcium and magnesium. Softeners also lengthens the lifespan of some appliances.

Reasons to Work With Ohio Water Heaters

Wondering why your friends and neighbors choose a plumber from our team? Below are just a few reasons we’re the top choice for all your water softener needs:

  • Our plumbing pros have 30 years of experience
  • We’re available on your schedule, 24 hours a day
  • We carry great brands like Novo, Halo and Delta
  • Our customers receive our worry-free guarantee on every service

Begin Enjoying Clean, Fresh-Testing Water in Your Home

For personalized water softener services in Westerville, OH, contact Ohio Water Heaters. Call us or complete the online form for an appointment.

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These guys are great. They arrive on time, are polite and efficient. There is no hard sell of additional stuff, which I really appreciated. They suggested that a water softening device might be good for the tankless water heater they had installed earlier this year – which is fabulous and worth every penny, this visit was just annual furnace and water heater maintenance – but did not push it. My overall impression is that they are good guys, not in it just to sell more stuff.

- Marie Wiggins

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