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Water Heater Repair Services in New Albany, OH

Spoilt for choice on the dynamic water heater market, homeowners thinking about a water heater installation may find it hard to pick the perfect brand and model for their families and lifestyles. Tank or tankless? Electric, gas, hybrid or solar? This is where expert advice can save thousands of dollars over the years ahead, especially from a local contractor – like Ohio Water Heaters – that is familiar with hot water heaters.

Best Water Heater Installation for You and Your Family

The perfect solution depends largely on your family size and budget, hot water demands and schedules. When looking at water heater installation cost, the smart approach is to look at the life-cycle costs of each model. This is because the lowest-cost models are often the most expensive to operate over time.

With working lives of ten to twenty years, it’s also important to include the estimated costs for hot water heater repair.

Points to Remember When Considering Water Heater Services in New Albany, OH,

When budgeting for new water heater installation, there are four key factors to take into consideration:

  • Fuel source
  • Energy efficiency
  • Storage capacity
  • Flow capacity

The best option is to talk to the experts at Ohio Water Heaters, so you can be confident that you pick the best water heater installation for your family, providing ample hot water for decades to come.

Tankless Water Heater Services

Powered by electricity, natural gas or propane, a tankless water heater installation is an easy way to lower utility bills. An experienced consultant like Ohio Water Heaters can pick the perfect location for these suitcase-sized appliances, delivering unlimited supplies of steaming hot water while leaving valuable floor space free in small bathrooms and compact kitchens.

Endless Hot Water With Tankless Water Heater

Although costing up to three times more than a standard tank heater, an on-demand tankless water heater installation does away with the need to keep an entire tankful of unused water hot for hours on end. The initial cost of $800 to $1500 is quickly offset through lower utility bills for a decade or even two. Here is a rough guide to the ideal hot water flow rate by household size, in gallons per minute (GPM) provided by a tankless water heater:

  • 2 – 3 people need 3 – 5 GPM
  • 4 – 5 people need 4 – 6 GPM
  • 6 + people need 5+ GPM

Environmentally-Friendly Hybrid Water Heater

Drawing warmth from the ground or the surrounding area as a source, hybrid water heaters use electricity to pump and transfer heat rather than generating heat.  This appliance is great for homes of all sizes.

Hybrid Water Heater Services in New Albany, OH

Rather than heating water through expensive fuels like electricity and gas, an environmentally friendly hybrid water heater installation saves money through lower utility bills, while also conserving nature through less pollution. When planned and installed by an experienced local contractor like Ohio Water Heaters, this budget-buddy solution to low-cost hot water supplies is perfect for larger homes.

With the hybrid perched on top of a normal-sized water tank, a hybrid water heater needs at least seven feet of clearance between ceiling and floor, and around 1,000 cubic feet of surrounding airspace.

Lower Utility Bills With Hybrid Water Heater 

The most efficient type of tank heater, they are also among the most expensive, at $ 1,200 to $ 4,500 for a top-of-the-line hybrid water heater installation. However, they also have the lowest operating cost (other than solar power) as they pump heat from the surrounding air or ground, transferring it to the tank of water through coils and a compressor.

Gas Water Heater Services

Whether fired by natural gas or propane – both low-cost fuels sourced in the USA – it’s much smarter to heat water with gas, rather than electricity. With water storage tanks ranging from thirty to hundred gallons, gas water heater services are suitable for homes of all sizes. Proper venting is important for gas-fired appliances, so installation should always be handled by an insured, licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters.

Cost-Effective Gas Water Heater Services 

As gas is cheap, it’s twice as affordable to heat water with a gas water heater service near New Albany rather than electricity. With regular draining and flushing, a gas water heater should last anywhere from eight to twelve years. As an added advantage, the best gas water heater services take less than forty minutes to reheat an entire tank of water.

Affordable and fast, gas water heater installation starts out from around $250 for a small system. As a comparison, the hot water costs of an average home reach about:

  • $250 a year when heated by gas
  • $500 a year when heated by electricity.

To be sure of making the best decision for your family over the long term, discuss your needs with a reputable licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters, who is familiar with local lifestyles and preferences.

Electric Water Heater Services in New Albany, OH

Fast and easy to install, on-demand electric water heater tankless are among the most affordable ways of providing ample water at any point of use.

When certified under the Energy Star System, electric water heater installation services require no special safety venting, with the wiring in most homes able to handle their demands.

Endless Hot Water Through Modern Electric Water Heater Installation Services

Heating only as much water exactly when it is needed, the best electric water heater tankless services located alongside the point of use. Providing endless streams of steaming water, there is no heat loss through lengthy piping or water tanks, where even top-grade insulation allows heat to seep away.

Talk to the Specialists

For professional advice on the best water heater installation and repair  services, contact a certified consultant at Ohio Water Heaters: (614) 327-6971.

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