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Planning ahead for an uncertain future, budget-savvy homeowners are exploring ways of cutting household costs, but with no loss of comfort for their families. With ethical advice from the experts at Ohio Water Heaters, they can take fiscally-responsible decisions before agreeing to a hot water heater repair in Reynoldsburg, OH, or opting for a new water heater installation.

The average water heater installation cost varies from a few hundred dollars for a small electric tankless model to some $4000 for a high-efficiency hybrid system, with solar-power systems up to three times more expensive. However, a typical water heater installation tends to cost somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000, obviously depending on family size, lifestyle and home structure.

How to Pick the Best Water Heater Installation for Your Family?

More than 90% of home heating systems in the USA run on relatively cheap water tanks costing under thousand dollars for 50-gallon capacity. But piping fairly hard water through a water heater installation causes lime-scaling in water tanks, with dropping efficiency, and smelly, gritty water when the anode breaks.

In contrast, suitcase-sized tankless water heater services are wall-mounted, saving valuable floor space. Here is a comparison of the best water heater installations drawn up by Ohio Water Heaters, for systems operating with and without tanks:

  • Tank $700 – $2000 lifespan 6 – 8 years installation <3 hours.
  • Tankless $1000 – $5000 lifespan 20+ years installation <10 hours.

Tankless Water Heater Services in Reynoldsburg, OH

For smaller households with only two or three people using up to forty gallons of hot water a day, a tankless water heater installation in Reynoldsburg, OH, and surrounding areas can be up to a third more energy efficient than traditional storage tank water heaters. For gas-fired systems, this translates into annual savings of over $100 a year for up to a couple of decades.

An experienced licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heater knows how to pick the best location, for safe, well-vented operations.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heater in Reynoldsburg, OH

In addition to a long working life of up to two decades and endless water supplies, here are some other benefits of a tankless water heater in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and surrounding areas:

  • Saves energy: good for the environment
  • Saves money: good for your budget
  • Saves space: compact and wall-mounted

Protecting the Planet With a Hybrid Water Heater

An even more environmentally-friendly option ensuring ample hot water supplies for your family is a hybrid water heater. Tapping warmth from the air or the ground, this initial investment of a few thousand dollars is quickly offset by rock-bottom utility bills.

Hybrid Water Heater Services in Reynoldburg, OH

A budget-smart investment in long-term comfort for larger households, a hybrid water heater installation, a hybrid water heater is a massive money-saver that will provide low-cost hot water for the next fifteen years when skillfully installed by an experienced licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters.

Here’s an example of how energy-efficient a hybrid water heater can be, using less than a third of the electricity consumed by a conventional electric water heater:

  • Hybrid water heater: 69 units
  • Regular water heater: 4 units          

For further savings, a hybrid water heater can be programmed to switch off at night and back on again at dawn, before families start to shower.

In fact, a hybrid water heater installation that has been properly installed by an experienced contractor like Ohio Water Heaters can be so efficient that it slashes water heating costs significantly every month for years to come.

Gas Water Heater Services in Reynoldsburg, PH

Easy to install, gas water heater services are the cheapest and most reliable way of heating water in your home. Generally hassle-free once in operation, it’s important that these appliances are installed correctly by an insured, licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters.

Best Gas Water Heater Services

Homes without piped low-priced natural gas can opt for propane (LPG). Although more expensive than natural gas, this type of gas water heater installation in Reynoldsburg, OH, is nevertheless significantly less expensive than using electricity.

Best Gas Water Heater Service Near Reynoldsburg, OH?

The most cost-effective solution depends on your family, your lifestyle and your location. Here are some advantages of gas water heaters you could discuss with an experienced consultant from Ohio Water Heaters:

  • easy to install
  • cheap to operate
  • fast recovery
  • non-stop hot water, even during power cuts.

Electric Water Heater Services in Reynoldsburg, OH

Vital for family health and comfort, heating water is an expensive necessity, accounting for 20% to 30% of an average home’s energy consumption. However, an experienced contractor like Ohio Water Heaters can steer budget-wise homeowners towards more energy-efficient electric water heater installation services with significant reductions in monthly utility bills.

Peak usage is the most important aspect of an electric water heater tankless, as these appliances heat a single inflow of water, for just as long as needed, at one or two points of use. For electric water heater tankless services, the important figure is the gallons per minute (GPM) rating. Here is a rough hot water usage guide for common household appliances:

  • kitchen tap 4 GPM
  • shower 2 GPM
  • washing machine 3 GPM

Costing anywhere from under $100 to $1,000, electric water heater installation services in Reynoldsburg, OH, and surrounding areas are the perfect option for small families with limited hot water requirements. With expert guidance from an experienced consultant at Ohio Water Heaters, they are also the best electric water heater tankless services for providing sporadic hot water at stand-alone locations like pool houses, studios and workrooms.

Talk to the Professionals

For expert advice on the best water heater installation and repair services in Reynoldsburg, discuss your needs with a certified consultant at Ohio Water Heaters: (614) 327-6971.

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