Lifetime savings of close to $4,000 are compelling reasons to opt for a new hybrid water heater installation in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas. Up to three times more energy-efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters, hybrid water heaters installed by Ohio Water Heaters offer massive savings on utility bills during the product’s lifetime.

aero therm series water heater in westerville ohioInside Information on Hybrid Water Heaters

Designed to pump heat from one place to another through a compressor and a closed circuit of circulating liquid or gas refrigerant, these hybrid water installations in commercial or residential systems extract heat from outside sources and pump it to target areas, usually indoors, but also swimming pools. Another advantage: this heat-in cycle can be reversed in summer, pumping hot air into the outside world through a heat-out cycle that lowers air-conditioning costs.

Simply pumping this heat uses far less electricity than converting it, making hybrid water heaters the most efficient alternative to fossil fuels, like gas, oil and electricity, for both heating and cooling purposes. Although gas-fired furnaces are rated as almost 98% efficient, they are not a long-term solution from the standpoint of environmental preservation. In contrast, hybrid water heaters supply more heating and cooling capacity than the amount of electricity needed to run them. When properly designed and installed, this renewable energy technology regularly tops efficiency rates of 300% and more.  This last part was about heating and cooling, but the same applies to heating water.


Hybrid Water heaters are ideal for extending the swimming season in spring and fall, without breaking the bank. Here’s how long it takes a hybrid water heater to warm up the water in a tub or pool by 20°F:  This is knowledge to let you know hybrid water heaters work:

  • Pool   24 – 72 hours
  • Tub 45 – 60 minutes


As efficient as an air conditioning unit of a similar size, hybrid water heaters lose no power when functioning as heaters. This means that a hybrid water heater in heating mode is up to four times more energy-efficient than an electric furnace. Most hybrid water heaters also include an electric resistance heating element. However, this is used only as a backup, to cover peak demands for hot water, or during cold snaps. Hybrid water installation in commercial buildings is a great idea too.  With a useful lifespan of up to fifteen years – around 50% longer than conventional electric water heaters – and lower hybrid water heater repair and maintenance costs, hybrid water heaters are a smart investment that also enhances family comfort.

To maximize savings from a hybrid water heater, it must operate in its energy savings/hybrid water heater only mode as long as possible. Key factors to consider before hybrid water installation at commercial or residential locations are how it will be used, and where it would operate most efficiently. For most homes in Ohio, these two issues are not a problem.

Energy-Efficient Operations

More energy efficient than traditional heating methods, a hybrid water heater replacement has a far greater impact on utility bills at the end of the month. While a regular water heater uses 2.4 units of electricity, a hybrid water heater uses a mere 0.69 units.

The temperature of the surrounding air is an important factor for keeping running costs under tight control. As long as the air around the water heater covers around 50°F, it can operate in energy savings mode, which is obviously the best way of keeping monthly utility bills low. However, should the air around it drop below this level, it will have to use its backup heating elements, thus consuming more energy, this normally does not happen in Ohio Water Heaters.

On average for every dollar of energy you put into a normal electric water heater you get about 98 cents of energy out of it, for a hybrid water heater for every dollar of energy you put in it, you get about $3.50 of hot water out of it.  That’s right, you get more energy out than you put in.


Not a job for amateurs, ample clearance must be left around the unit, allowing relatively warm air to circulate freely so the hybrid water heater can operate at maximum efficiency. The recommended figure is at least 750 cubic feet, so a basement or garage is the perfect location for hybrid water heater installation. An indoor closet is too cramped, and may also be too low, as hybrid water heaters are sometimes taller than conventional hot water storage tanks, but you can put on a vent kit or a louvred door.

For reference, short water heaters up to 49 inches tall, holding up to 50 gallons of water, while taller water heaters may reach 76 inches in height, holding up to 100 gallons of water. They are ideal for semi-finished areas with high ceilings.

As an added precaution, which is generally stipulated in local codes, a drip pan must be installed under all hot water heater tanks, with a condensate line leading to a nearby drain. This is generally included in hybrid water heater installation costs if required by code. Particularly when located indoors, where it could cause damage.  You could install a water shut-off valve that shuts off the water if it detects a leak.

Potential Savings

In just a few years, hybrid water heater installation costs for equipment certified under the Energy Star ® seal pay for themselves in energy savings of up to $550 a year, for a household of five people.

Families that regularly use large amounts of water over relatively short periods of time may force a hybrid water heater to operate in electric resistance mode, thus pumping up electricity costs at the end of the month, this is because the recovery time needed to reheat a tank of water is longer, compared to standard electric heating elements. However, this can be easily resolved through staggering water usage times, like not washing dishes or clothes during peak family shower times.

Talk to the Professionals

For expert advice on the best hybrid water heater installation costs, water heater services, tankless water heater, and electric water heater services contact a certified consultant at Ohio Water Heaters: (614) 756-5919.

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