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Compact and unobtrusive, an electric tankless water heater is a great option for providing on-demand hot water, exactly where and when it’s needed. For smaller households or heavier-use rooms (like a combo kitchen+laundry area) where extra hot water is needed, this environmentally friendly solution offered by Ohio Water Heaters provides almost unlimited quantities of water at just the right temperature.

Rightsizing Electric Tankless Water Heater is Crucial

Although a tankless system can’t run out of hot water, it can be overwhelmed by concurrent demands. This is why homeowners considering an electric tankless water heater should take several factors into account when shortlisting possible models. Family size and individual lifestyles are vital, as peak hot water demands are a key factor in choosing the best electric tankless water heater.

Mornings are usually the busiest times in most homes, as families scramble to start the day. For example, three simultaneous showers, breakfast and load of washing uses twice the amount of water as two simultaneous showers and breakfast.

House design is also important. An outdoor electric tankless water heater provides hot water instantly to faucets and showers in stand-alone areas, like a barbecue basin, a pool house bathroom or workshop sink.

Another important aspect is the water flow rate, which is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Depending on size, use and specifications, appliance flow rates vary widely, even for apparently similar devices. This can range from a gentle stream of under 0.5 GPM for a bathroom tap to a gushing 6.0 GPM for a kitchen faucet. Showers, dishwashers and washing machines vary from 1.5 GPM to 3.5 GPM.

How Hot is Hot Enough?

The exact figures depend heavily on location and season. An electric tankless water heater – where temperatures hover around freezing in winter and top a sizzling 95°F in summer – must increase the water temperature to around 105°F for comfortable showering. Assuming an average inflow temperature of 45°F, the required temperature rise is 60°F. This means that a water heater must add 60°F to an average inflow of 1.8 GPM every minute, for a long and luxurious hot shower.

In general, a single water heater heats two gallons of water a minute to a steamy shower temperature, making this the perfect option for smaller families and outflow points that are used only sporadically. This is why homeowners considering electric tankless water heater installation must check unit specifications for GPM output and temperature rise ratings before making a decision. However, these details can be very confusing, which is why expert advice from a licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters is a surefire way of selecting the best electric tankless water heater for your family.  Size properly and make sure you have enough power in your panel.

Energy Efficiency for Lower Cost Electric Water Heaters Services 

 The second highest source of energy usage in the home, electric water heaters services can weigh heavily on family budgets. This is why Energy Star ® certified water heaters are the smartest choice: using less energy than standard models, while often outperforming them, they save money through lower utility bills, while also helping preserve our planet. With guaranteed quality and durability, this is the best electric tankless water heater for point-of-use hot water supplies, certified as reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • With endless flows of hot water right where they’re needed, there’s no need to skimp on showers or wash greasy dishes in cold water.
  • An indoor or outdoor electric water heater (tankless) is the fastest, easiest way of providing water on demand, right at the point of use.
  • Compact and unobtrusive, a wall-mounted electric water heater is tankless, saving an entire closet’s-worth of space, compared to a traditional storage tank system.
  • Fewer worries and no repair bills for gas leaks, dripping water tanks and the resulting damage mean more safety and greater peace of mind.
  • With useful lives of up to twenty years, electric water heaters services are dependable, with no risk of explosion or leakage.
  • Heating only the exact amount of water needed at its point of use, an electric water heater (tankless) saves energy, with lower utility bills and fewer repairs, while preserving the planet. In the course of its useful life, these savings can reach thousands of dollars.
  •  Freeing up even more space, an outdoor electric tankless water heater adds comfort and hygiene to areas with sporadic hot water demands, like garages, pool houses and playrooms.

Professional Electric Tankless Water Heater Installation 

Although simple and cheap to operate, an electric tankless water heater must be installed by an insured and licensed contractor like Ohio Water Heaters. Its experienced technicians know the parameters for selecting the safest and most effective location for an electric tankless water heater installation, with plenty of ventilation, and at least eighteen inches of working space above and below the unit.

Available in many different sizes, electric water heaters services range from small point-of-use units drawing only 110 volts that are fast and easy to install, through to more powerful whole-house systems running on 240 or 460 volts that can provide enough hot water for an entire household.

Some city codes require a dedicated circuit for a tankless water heater. And because these units operate with water, they must also be fitted with ground fault interrupters, as a safety precaution.

Talk to the professionals

For expert advice on the safest and best electric tankless water heater installation in Westerville, OH, and surrounding areas, contact a certified consultant at Ohio Water Heaters.

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These guys are great. They arrive on time, are polite and efficient. There is no hard sell of additional stuff, which I really appreciated. They suggested that a water softening device might be good for the tankless water heater they had installed earlier this year – which is fabulous and worth every penny, this visit was just annual furnace and water heater maintenance – but did not push it. My overall impression is that they are good guys, not in it just to sell more stuff.

- Marie Wiggins

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