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Water heater repair is something homeowners rarely think about. You realise just how important having access to hot water is only when you miss it. That’s the case with most things in life after all. We only realise what we had when we lose it. When you do have it, it has to work like clockwork, and it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. It’s important to keep water heater repair costs under control.

This is why our certified technicians are trained to handle any kind of hybrid water heater repair Westerville, OH, and surrounding areas, at the lowest cost and with the least possible disruption to your family routines.

Repair or Replace?

With temperatures dipping below freezing for the next few months in Central Ohio, ample supplies of hot water are vital. But when your water heating system breaks down, it’s important to compare water heater repair services and benefits against the price of a new tank.If your conventional water heater was installed a decade ago or more, then replacementis the smartest decision or install new water heater. Up to 400% more efficient than earlier models, these energy-efficient appliances can save you up to $500 per year and $5000 on your utility bills during their lifespans. As this is roughly the price of a standard tank or tankless system for a family of four, these long-term savings completely offset your initial outlays by the end of this period.
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How Much Hybrid Water Heater Repair Will Cost?

However, if your system is less than six years old, then repairs are probably the most cost-effective option. Here are some of the reasons why your taps might be running cold, with estimated water heater repair costs:

Thermostat stuck$50 – $200Easy to access, this device is simple to repair or replace, with no need to remove the heating elements;
Element burned out$200 – $300This is a job for a certified technician, as the top element controls the bottom element;
No pilot light$50 – $150Working with gas-fired appliances can be tricky; it’s better to call in the professionals straightaway, rather than trying to fix this yourself;
Leaksup to $1000This is definitely a job for a licensed contractor, as leaks can be caused by faulty valves, weak pipe connections, loose seals, sediment build-up in the tank, or a malfunctioning water pump.

Hot Tips for DIY Fans

Before calling in expert help, always check the fuse box for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Most homeowners can quickly reset a circuit breaker or replace a fuse.

Another frequent problem is a low air pressure in the expansion tank. However, homeowners can handle this themselves easily by half-filling this tank, working at a pressure of 12 – 15 psi.

We’re Always Here to Help You!

Whatever your water heating problem, Ohio Water Heaters has been your neighbourhood’s favourite hybrid water heater repair company for quite some time now. We stand ready to provide fast, efficient water heater repair services Westerville, CO and surrounding areas.

Call us now at (614) 881.5650 for a free quote!

Water Heater Repair Service FAQs

Specific hot water heater repair costs obviously depend on the problems involved and the replacement parts needed to repair electric water heaters. Consequently, homeowners might pay anything between under a hundred to over a thousand dollars for water heater repairs, depending on their complexity and the amount of time involved. A faulty thermocouple, a leaky temperature and pressure relief valve, a loose connection or a cracked pipe can all be fixed relatively quickly and cheaply by the best water heater repair person near me. However, a leaky water tank should be replaced as soon as possible by a licensed and insured contractor.

They can indeed – but this might not be the most cost-effective solution for water heating systems in use for close to a decade. Check out the price of a replacement unit, before opting for any repairs that cost more than a few hundred dollars. Remember, the working life of a typical heater might be as short as six years, and is unlikely to extend beyond twelve years, depending on intensity of use and water quality.

If your water heating system was installed ten years ago or more, there's a good chance that it's coming to the end of its useful life. Keep an eye out for unusual smells, odd noises, and water that is gritty or discolored. Insufficient hot water may indicate a leaking tank, scale-clogged piping or a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve.

Fitted to water heating appliances, such as boilers and domestic water supply heaters, these safety devices are designed to release water automatically whenever tank pressures or temperatures rise above safe levels. Usually located high on the side or on top of the tank, a TPR valve is connected to a pipe running down the length of the water tank, stopping a few inches above the floor.

The useful life of a water heater is usually between eight and twelve years. However, heavy use in hard water areas may reduce this to six years or less,, while lighter use with soft water could continue for a couple of decades. Whether electric or gas-fired, most hot water heaters are backed by a six-year warranty, while more expensive units may be covered for up to ten years.

If you live in a soft water area, flushing and draining your water heater once a year is enough to remove sediment deposits. This process should be repeated every six months if your system is working with hard water. Regularly removing limescale prevents corrosion of water heater components, while avoiding clogged valves and pipes. Taking only a few minutes to complete and needing no special tools or expertise, this simple step ensures the highest possible outflows of hot water in your home.

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These guys are great. They arrive on time, are polite and efficient. There is no hard sell of additional stuff, which I really appreciated. They suggested that a water softening device might be good for the tankless water heater they had installed earlier this year – which is fabulous and worth every penny, this visit was just annual furnace and water heater maintenance – but did not push it. My overall impression is that they are good guys, not in it just to sell more stuff.

- Marie Wiggins

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