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The Leader in Water Filtration and Softener in Westerville, OH

Ohio Water Heaters is the plumbing company to trust if you’re looking for water filtration and water softener in Westerville, OH. We’re local and we know how the water is around here – it’s hard. That’s why we offer water filtration systems and softeners to provide our clients with clean, refreshing, pure water, straight from the tap.

Why Water Filtration and Softeners Matter

Studies have shown that Ohio is home to some of the hardest water in the entire country. While hard water generally isn’t harmful, it can stain clothing, and let’s face it – hard water just doesn’t taste as good as clean, purified, soft water. To prevent these issues from even occurring, water filtration services are needed.

With a water softener system, many of the minerals in your tap water are removed. We carry water softeners from trusted brands like Halo and Novo. Rest assured that our specialists can customize your installation to meet the needs of your home.

A New Water Filtration or Softener Is What You Need

In most cases, you can taste the difference between hard tap water and water that has been filtered through a water softener. Our water softener installation team can provide more details regarding the water in your home, but below are some signs you may need a new water filtration or softener system:

  • Your water tastes dull
  • You notice fading or water stains on your clothing
  • Your tap water has particulates floating in it
  • Your water has a strange smell to it

Common Causes of Filtration and Softener Issues

Many water filtration and softener issues aren’t caused by anything other than the natural flow of water to your home. When water flows over rock like limestone, it can pick up minerals. Although local authorities filter and treat the water that comes to your tap, the level of filtration used may not catch everything. Consulting our plumbing company is a great way to alleviate these concerns.

Our water treatment services act as a barrier against mineral deposits and contaminants. These systems use advanced technology to clean and purify your water while also softening it by removing minerals. This leaves you with purified drinking water that looks and tastes great and won’t stain clothing or damage your home’s plumbing.

The Process to Know

Filtering and softening water uses processes like reverse osmosis and carbon filtering to remove all the stuff you don’t want in your water and leave you with pure, clean H2O. Our water conditioning services and equipment handle these processes “behind the scenes,” meaning you don’t have to do anything to enjoy clean-tasting water – just turn on the tap.

Why Hire Our Crew Right Away

Why does Westerville trust Ohio Water Heaters for water purification services? Here are just a few reasons we’re the leader in clean water:

  • Our trained experts are available when you need a plumber in Westerville, OH, 24 hours a day
  • We have been the premier choice for water purification since 1993
  • Ohio Water Heaters offers a worry-free guarantee on every service
  • We match our labor warranty to most manufacturer warranties

For Superior Water Filtration and Softener Solutions, Contact Ohio Water Heaters

From water filter replacement to water softener maintenance, our plumbing experts have you covered. Start enjoying the water you deserve – consult Ohio Water Heaters today. Schedule a service appointment by calling us or filling out the online form.

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