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Water Heater Repair Service Company in Newark, OH

Our team of professionals at Ohio Water Heaters can help you with any issues you may have with your water heater. Whether it’s an emergency or not, we will be there to provide you with a water heater repair in Newark, OH.

You won’t have to worry about ever picking up that phone call from your customer that isn’t so happy with how late their package is. Never stress over late orders, missing packages, and the mess of fulfillment. Rest easy knowing we will take care of all your fulfillment needs for you just like an electric tankless water heater in Newark, OH.

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What Are Different Sizes of Water Heaters?

Looking for a water heater repair near Newark? Then, it is essential to go through different sizes of a water heater before selecting the final one. Water heaters are often measured by their “gallons per minute” (GPM) capability. A 50 gallon water heater is a good size for a household of three or four people. Larger homes may need 80-gallon, 100-gallon, or larger water heaters to supply sufficient hot water. There are three basic residential water heater sizes that are available for purchase:

  • The first is the 40 gallon water heater  that provides approximately 20 to 25 gallons of hot water, which will be enough for two people who use an average of 50 gallons per day.
  • The second size is a 50-gallon tank that provides about 30 to 35 gallons of hot water, which will be enough for four people who use an average of 50 gallons per day. 
  • The third one is the 60-gallon tank that provides about 40 to 45 gallons of hot water, which will be enough for six people who use an average of 50 gallons per day.

The size of your water heater may depend on the number of bathrooms in your home, how many people live in your house and their hot water usage. So next time you get a water heater service in Newark, OH, then keep different sizes of these water heaters in mind.

Steps To Turn On A Water Heater

  • Inspect the water heater pressure relief valve for any obstructions or damage that will prevent it from giving off hot gases. If there is anything wrong with the valve, call a professional to fix it before turning on the gas.
  • Turn on the cold water faucet closest to the water heater (on exterior walls, you will find the cold water faucet near the home’s main water shut-off valve under the kitchen or bathroom sink).
  • Using a wrench, turn off the gas supply line at the gas shut off valve.
  • Turn on an exterior hot water faucet to ensure that there is gas getting to the heater before lighting it up.
  • Turn on the gas supply line at the water heaters gas shut-off valve and ignite the pilot light using a long match or lighter. If you don’t find a pilot, check if there is gas coming out of the water heater by placing your hand over the burner (without touching anything) and feeling for heat and gas.
  • After you have lit up the pilot, turn on the gas supply at the gas shut-off valve to fully open then turn on the temperature control knob until it is fully turned.
  • Once the water starts running out of all faucets, wait about an hour for the heater to bring up the hot water temperature almost to its final temperature before using any hot water faucets. Do not turn on all the faucets at once or you will reduce thermal shock to the tank and risk a crack in the tank.
  • You can now start using hot water from your heater. Remember that there may still be some cold water running out of the hot water lines so wait for the hot water to come out before getting in.

If you’re looking for a water heater repair service near Newark, then just call us! Ohio Water Heaters are here to help. We also provide an extensive range of services including:

  • water heater installation in Newark, OH
  • tankless water heater maintenance in Newark, OH
  • electric tankless water heater in Newark, OH
  • gas water heater in Newark, OH
  • gas water heater repair in Newark, OH
  • hybrid water heater installation in Newark, OH
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With Ohio Water Heaters, you'll never have to worry about your water heater again! Our excellent products and services will keep the temperature perfect at all times. With fast repairs in Newark, OH, we're here 24/7 so call now for an appointment before it's too late at 614-714-4820!
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