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Water Heater Repair Service Company in Thornville, OH

Ohio Water Heaters is the most trusted name in water heater repair and installation. We have been providing water heater repair in Thornville, OH for years, and we’re not going to stop anytime soon.

We know that a properly functioning water heater is essential for a comfortable home. That’s why we offer a quick hot water heater repair service that will get your water heater back up and running in no time. We also offer competitive rates, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible deal.

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Advantages Of A Hybrid Water Heater Services in Thornville, OH

A pump water heater installation is the process of installing an appliance that transfers the energy used to generate hot water from one form to another. Electric resistance heating elements are typically used with many standard water heaters, but they can be replaced with small, electrically operated pumps and fans. This technology works by using an air source or geothermal hybrid to extract heat from the air or ground outside the house, which is then used to heat the water inside:

  • The main advantage of hybrid water heater installation is that they are more energy-efficient than standard electric resistance heater units because they can use an external heat source to provide both heating and hot water. 
  • A secondary advantage is that the temperature of the water can be set to a lower level than with standard electric water heaters, so if residents don’t need hot water immediately, they can choose to use cooler water instead. 
  • A third advantage is that they can be used in conjunction with solar collectors or ground-source hybrid water heaters.

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What Are The Features Of A Hybrid Water Heater?

The hybrid water heater is a system that uses an air-source hybrid to provide both heating and cooling for your home. As the name implies, the unit “pumps” heat into or out of its body:

  • Hybrid water heaters are popular because they deliver efficiencies in the 80% range (the best gas furnaces deliver efficiencies in the high 90% range.) 
  • This means that hybrid water heaters are less expensive to operate.
  • Another benefit of using a hybrid water heater is that it doesn’t use fuel unlike a gas water heater, so if the power goes out there won’t be any hot or cold running water.  
  • Hybrid water heaters use about the same amount of electricity as a refrigerator.

Hybrid water heaters can provide enough hot water for an entire household similar to an electric tankless water heater in Thornville, OH, but there are limits on how many showers and faucets can be running at once if everyone wants to take a shower in the morning before going off to work. Ohio Water Heaters provide a wide range of options for water heater service in Thornville, OH like:

  • 50 gallon water heater
  • 40 gallon water heater
  • Tankless water heater maintenance
  • Gas water heater repair

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We at Ohio Water Heaters in Thornville, OH have the perfect water heater for you. From new installations to help to decide on which one would be best suited just right! Call us today and let’s get started with your installation process –614-714-4820!

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