Wondering when to call the plumber? While homeowners may pride themselves on being able to tackle minor plumbing issues like a problem with the toilet or a small leak under the kitchen, there are many problems that you should leave to a plumbing professional. Here are some of the top issues where you should skip straight to calling in a plumber.

Low Water Pressure

Widespread low water pressure can have many different problems; some may be a direct issue in your house, and some may be caused by the city-wide water supply. If you are having water pressure problems, it’s better to call a plumbing professional to ask them about the issue rather than trying to tackle the problem yourself.

No Hot Water

A total absence of hot water means that something has gone seriously wrong with your water heater. It takes a professional to examine the water heater and repair any wiring, sensors, or heating elements that may be malfunctioning.

A Bad Leak

A particularly bad leak refers to burst pipes (such as the massive damage that happens after pipes freeze) or a bad leak where you can’t find the source. The smart move here is to shut off your home’s water and call up a plumber to deal with the problem appropriately.

Draining Problems

Draining issues could range from serious problems with the flow in your waste pipes to poor flushing or garbage disposal habits. Rather than trying to locate the problem yourself, call in a plumber and let them diagnose issues. Plumbers also have the access and experience to use more specialized tools like drain snakes to root out particularly bad blockages, without causing further damage to your pipes.

Pervasive Bad Odors

Bad odors and similar signs show that something may be wrong with your sewer system or related plumbing components. These aren’t problems that homeowners are equipped to deal with, so call in an expert and have them take a look if that odor doesn’t go away.

Especially Loud Noises

Loud noises tend to be caused by water hammer (air trapped in pipes) or a problem with the water tank, like scale build-up. While these problems may be easy to diagnose, homeowners cannot usually fix the issue without a little help. It’s time to call up a plumber and explain the problem before it gets any worse.

Major Changes

Are you planning on installing a new plumbing unit, like a tankless water heater or a bigger water tank? Don’t try to do it yourself! Even small mistakes can cause big problems with these units, which must be set up and connected with precision. Instead of going it alone, schedule a plumbing visit and have the installation done right.

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