Looking for the best Plumber and Water Heater Services in Columbus, OH?

Are you having endless water heater problems and don’t know who to turn to? What if I told you that you can find a company that’s reliable, efficient and situated in the heart of Columbus? With more than fifty years of experience in the water heating industry, we pride ourselves in managing our tasks with precision and excellence ensuring you receive the type of service you would expect from a trusted name in the water heater industry in Columbus and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a family home or a corporate business, there is no job too tedious for us. Our qualified staff go through vigorous ongoing training, working diligently to ensure that the job at hand is executed with the highest quality of workmanship.

Having a hard time finding a water heater service you can trust?

We offer a range of services to suit your needs at competitive prices. Tankless water heaters are eco friendly and have an ample supply of hot water. It is compact enough to use at home or at your business. Heat pump water heaters save you money on your electric bill as it uses one third less electricity because it works on a heat pump, transferring energy instead of creating it. This saves you money that you can use for the more important things in life.

Where to find the best water heater services in Columbus Ohio?

You are in good hands with Ohio Water Heaters as our long standing reputation precedes us. Trust us with your next water heater repair or new installation for reliable service and workmanship you can trust. Our staff will assess your needs to make sure you meet your affordability requirements.

Contact our friendly team at Ohio Water Heaters today

Ohio Water Heaters is a family owned business with you, the customer at heart. Come and join our long stream of satisfied customers, where you will always be our priority. Are you interested? Call us without delay on 614-756-5919 to book your appointment today.

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