When Should You Schedule Gas Water Heater Services in Columbus?

Electric water heaters are generally more efficient than gas water heaters, but installation is costly. Gas-powered units can be cheaper and easier to install. They do require the services of a professional plumber for installation. The average life expectancy is about 15 years before needing replacement or major repairs. Here’s how you know when it might be time for the best gas water heater services in Columbus.

It’s important to schedule gas water heater services when you notice that your hot water isn’t coming out at the temperature that it is used to. This could be a sign of corrosion, and if left unattended, could lead to leaks in the pipes.

If the pilot light goes out frequently or won’t stay lit, this is a sign of bad gas valves which can lead to other bigger problems with your heating system. Call for the water heater repair in Columbus to resolve the pilot light issue as early as possible.

Another indication may be if water comes out the rusty color or smells like rotten eggs when turning on the hot water. You should also consider having water heater repair services in Gahanna completed if there is corrosion in the tank, sediment build-up around controls, rusting around burner compartment areas, leaks anywhere in heater components, or visible cracks in the insulation jacket (tank).

You need to schedule regular inspections & checkups as part of your preventative maintenance program. You can’t catch problems with your equipment or appliances if you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule in place. Having regular inspections helps your heating system last longer and keeps the energy bills down.

If you require hot water heater repair or replacement in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, call the professionals at Ohio Water Heaters.

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